About Me

Ken Heang attended the Hut International Business School for his MBA in Boston and rotated to Dubai and Shanghai for his International Business curriculum and consulting project. He studied under the apprenticeship of Harvard, Duke, and INSEAD professors. His MBA concentration is in Marketing and Management Consulting. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a psychology and social behavior degree in 2004.

Ken’s experience has been in both Social Service and Financial Service. Ken’s career is attributed to his ability to care for others, eagerness to learn, and ability to think outside the box. His creativity has won him much acclaim with clients like the Qatar 2022 FIFA Planning Committee during his MBA consulting project. As a team player, his relentless work ethic and communication skills help teammates achieve much success. His commitment to integrity for his clients and persistence for constant improvement has earned him much praise as a trusted friend, coach, and advisor.

His vision is to educate and teach people how to become a “Lifestyle Creator.” He believes that human beings have a responsibility to design their own lives.  Ken believes that every person is a Lifestyle Creator and should not fall into victimhood.  Ken is very passionate about helping people. In the past, he volunteered for six months full-time, working alongside a small nonprofit whose mission is to save the lives of children from Cambodia who suffer from heart ailments. His most proud accomplishment was helping raise $20,000 to save the life of a 3-year-old girl, who later found to be a second cousin from Cambodia in 2010 by fundraising and speaking with communities, community leaders, council members, the press, and doctors around the world.

Ken is a world traveler who enjoys food from different cultures. He writes poetry, acts in films, and collects books in his spare time.